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An experienced engineer tests the function of an electronic controller.

Because refrigeration & HVAC systems already consume a significant amount of energy (more than half of a supermarket's energy use), inefficient systems dramatically increase these operational costs even more. With years of field-based experience and numerous proprietary and proven processes, our highly-trained Energy Optimization (EO) team performs in-depth energy audits, surveys and retro-commissioning tailored to your specific system. These expert technicians specialize in analyzing, assessing and recommending cost-saving adjustments to ensure the most reliable and efficient performance of your entire refrigeration or HVAC system, including your Energy Management Systems (EMS).

And unlike most EO service providers, Cold Tech Refrigeration has the expertise and resources to execute any recommended adjustments, and provide any required follow-up service, repairs or maintenance for the sustainability of your optimized system. This "one-stop-shop" capability ensures that all recommended cost-saving adjustments are executed accurately and seamlessly.

In addition to minimizing energy consumption, a properly set and balanced system reduces compressor and contactor cycling, thus reducing wear and tear and equipment downtime. The result is improved shopping or operating conditions and lower maintenance costs.

Cold Tech Refrigeration offers the following Energy Optimization services:

  • Retro-commissioning - optimization of existing EMS
  • Retrofits - installation and optimization of new EMS
  • Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) Installations
  • Problem/High-Cost System Solutions
  • New store/system commissioning
  • Dehumidification
  • Door Retrofits
  • LED Lighting


Retro-commissioning is a systematic process applied to building systems to identify and implement operational improvements that help ensure their continued performance over time while saving significant energy costs. The retro-commissioning process most often focuses on dynamic, high-cost energy-using systems like refrigeration & HVAC, with the goal of reducing energy waste, obtaining energy cost savings, and identifying and fixing existing problems.

Retro-commissioning also helps ensure system functionality. It is an inclusive and systematic process that intends not only to optimize how equipment and systems operate, but also to optimize how systems function together. Although retro-commissioning may include recommendations for capital improvements, the primary focus is on using tune-up activities and diagnostic testing to optimize the building systems both from a performance and cost perspective. Retro-commissioning is not a substitute for major repair work, and repairing major problems is a must before retro-commissioning can be fully completed and effective.

At Cold Tech Refrigeration, our Energy Optimization Team is expert at retro-commissioning refrigeration & HVAC EMS systems to yield significant energy savings and performance improvements for our customers.

The primary objectives of our retro-commissioning programs for refrigeration & HVAC systems are:

  • Reducing energy and demand costs
  • Bringing equipment to its proper operational state
  • Reducing downtime and increasing equipment life
  • Improving facility operation and maintenance
  • Reducing staff time spent on emergency calls
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduced complaints
  • Improved indoor air quality



One of the most effective ways to manage energy consumption in a grocery store or industrial facility is to install an Energy Management System (EMS). An EMS is the foundation of any retailer's energy and maintenance reduction strategy. Today's leading EMSs are designed to provide complete control of building and refrigeration systems including: compressor groups, condensers, walk-ins, HVAC units and lighting. In addition to monitoring and reducing energy usage across equipment types in the store, EMS also provide for a gradual, automated starting-up and stopping of energy usage at the beginning and end of a stores operating hours. These systems also control energy usage to avoid spikes in demand that are costly for both a retailer and the broader energy grid.


Benefits of an EMS are as follows:

  • Monitoring the performance of critical equipment, as well as pinpointing and resolving costly issues.
  • Protecting the life of equipment by identifying harmful voltage imbalances.
  • Preserving valuable, temperature-sensitive inventory.
  • Adhering to corporate energy usage policies.
  • Validating HVAC and lighting control system settings.
  • Viewing energy consumption and production.

Installing an EMS system is only half of the equation. Once installed the system needs to be optimized for maximum and sustained effectiveness. Our Energy Optimization team is expertly trained and experienced at installing and/or retrofitting EMS and optimizing new and existing systems. And because we are vendor neutral, we are trained and certified to install and optimize EMS systems from all leading manufacturers.



According to the U.S. Department of Energy, motor-driven equipment accounts for 64 percent of the electricity consumed by U.S. industry. As businesses come under increasing pressure to reduce energy use and operating costs, the installation or retrofit of variable-speed drives (VFDs) are emerging as a popular solution. VFDs reduce electrical energy consumption by adjusting a motor's speed to match the required load. Many electric motors simply do not need to run at 100-percent capacity all of the time — such as those that power Condensers and Air Handler motors in grocery stores. By retrofitting these motors with VFDs, grocery stores and other facilities can control the equipment's output to match the operation's needs, saving energy when full output is not required, and with no impact to a system's operation.

With advances in microelectronics and control technology over the past 10-15 years, VFDs have become an efficient and reliable means of controlling motor speed. Facilities that install VFDs will:

  • Use less energy
  • Cut operating costs
  • Improve process precision
  • Eliminate the need for expensive and energy-wasting throttling mechanisms such as control valves and outlet dampers
  • Reduce wear and tear on motors and related components thus decreasing maintenance costs and prolonging equipment life

Cold Tech Refrigeration's Energy Optimization team is ready to work with you to install VFDs where appropriate and execute this simple but effective energy saving solution!



Unfortunately, there are times when a refrigeration or HVAC system needs more than simple maintenance. We all know the signs: a spike in energy use, an increase in refrigerant use or evidence of a leak, more frequent refrigeration failures and/or loss of refrigerated product, or an increase in maintenance costs. If you have any of these issues, your Refrigeration System has a problem. Source can help.

At Cold Tech Refrigeration, we have the knowledge, skills, processes and equipment to diagnose problems and recommend solutions for problem/high-cost systems. Following our High-Cost Store process, our specialists evaluate all of your systems to identify the specific root causes of any problems and recommend solutions. Not only can we fix a problem system, but because we offer service solutions that cover all stages of refrigeration & HVAC system life-cycles, we can also become your partner in maintaining performance so problems do not return. With our training and experience with all types of refrigeration systems from a wide range of manufacturers, you can rest assured that we will have a solution for your specific problems.

We want to partner with you to optimize and sustain your stores' performance over time so that there are no more Problem/High-Cost Systems.



Installing new refrigeration or HVAC systems or executing major remodels are significant investments.  At Cold Tech Refrigeration, we highly recommend to our customers that they have all new systems "commissioned" to ensure that 1) they were properly installed per the customer's engineering drawings and 2) they are operating effectively and efficiently from the start. We think the cost of commissioning is a small price to pay as an insurance policy and for peace of mind.

Executed by our dedicated team of Energy Optimization specialists, our commissioning process is third party validation that a new or remodeled system is installed properly and operating efficiently. The deliverables of our program are:

  • A detailed commissioning report with findings
  • A recommended "punch-list" of discrepancies and "fixes"



Managing humidity levels has long been a challenge for grocery stores and other businesses where customer comfort or product integrity depends on proper internal climate. This is especially true in high-humidity climates. The common practice of adjusting a building's air temperature to try to maintain an acceptable humidity level dramatically increases energy use and costs, and can negatively affect customer comfort. Additionally, too much humidity can cause condensation on the refrigerator coils, further increasing energy usage. In a grocery retail setting, frost and ice can form on case doors and the product itself, leading to product deterioration and an undesirable appearance.

The most reliable and cost-effective way to manage the humidity challenge is to install a dehumidification system through a retrofit or remodel or as part of the initial system installation on new construction projects. Not only will a dehumidification system help manage your humidity levels for an improved customer experience and an enhanced worker environment, this valuable investment has been shown to save grocery stores and other businesses tens of thousands of dollars a year in energy savings and operating costs.

Cold Tech Refrigeration & HVAC is an expert service provider for mission-critical Refrigeration & HVAC systems, which includes dehumidification. We are trained on all major dehumidification technologies and with all major dehumidification equipment manufacturers.

Our team of energy optimization specialists is trained to optimize and sustain your dehumidification systems to make sure they are operating at optimal efficiency and performance levels, so that you achieve the comfort levels and energy savings you expect.



Are lower energy costs, improved food safety, product integrity, reduced shrinkage, and enhanced customer comfort important to your store? If so, you should consider a door retrofit program for your open multi-deck refrigerated cases and replacing your existing older case doors with new ones. Let Cold Tech Refrigeration be your partner in helping you realize significant energy savings while enhancing the shopping experience for your customers with our Door Retrofit Program!

The Cold Tech Refrigeration Door Retrofit Program involves enclosing your multi-deck cases with retrofit glass doors and, when required, replacing older doors with current technology doors. As a full-service refrigeration & HVAC company focused on providing solutions that help your bottom-line, we perform our complete turnkey Door Retrofit Program on virtually any major case manufactures' equipment and using most major door manufacturers' products.

Key Benefits of a Door Retrofit:

Refrigeration makes up more than half of the energy used in a grocery store, and open multi-deck fixtures account for a large portion of the total. Therefore, through door retrofits, you have the opportunity to significantly lower the operating costs of your store. In fact, it is possible to reduce energy use over 50 percent on those open, multi-deck cases!

Other Important Benefits include:

Product integrity – with doors in place, merchandise is no longer subjected to the drastic temperature variations of open fixtures and has been proven to last longer. Customer perception of product integrity of products behind a glass door is higher, and they help ensure that the FDA's mandated 41°F is consistently maintained.

Improved Shopper Experience - the aisles in your store are warmer and much more comfortable; customers dwell longer in front of the merchandisers and purchase more of your products!

Products are "showcased" - LED lighting (available on most new doors) presents the product in an enhanced, brighter, cleaner and more visible way; improved sales follow.

Avoided maintenance expense - LED lighting lasts 5 times longer and is up to 50% more energy efficient than traditional fluorescent tubes.

Utilities are on board - Many utility companies recognize these retrofits as "prescriptive" measures; in other words, you do the work, they give you a rebate. Cost to install doors can be significantly offset by utility incentives, improving your ROI.

Equipment capacity for future use - Case BTU loads are reduced up to 70%, thus freeing up refrigeration system capacity for future expansion, or to help marginal systems get by today.

Perception of a store remodel - Many shoppers comment that the new doors create the impression that the store has been remodeled. This positive perception is good for sales!

Why Select Cold Tech Refrigeration for your Door Retrofit Program?

Cold Tech Refrigeration & HVAC provides a full service offering, including design, installation, service and system optimization. Having a single point of contact for all phases of a door retrofit program ensures that all communication to the stakeholders comes from a single voice so that details needed for a successful project are handled properly and consistently. From the initial idea to the optimization of your upgraded system, having Cold Tech Refrigeration on your team translates to success!

In addition, we are a nationwide company that can manage multi-site retrofit programs over large geographies. We also understand the importance of system uptime, and will coordinate with store management to perform the job with minimal impact to store operations.

The comprehensive Source Door Retrofit Program includes the following steps:

Store survey –Determine exact case sizes, models, age, etc.

Provide photo documentation of all affected cases.

Identify and report any other problems that need to be addressed during the retrofit.

Document pertinent information relating to the existing compressor systems that will be affected by the modifications.

Engineering –Analyze the existing compressor system with reduced loads; recommend modifications; define the project scope of work. Provide refrigeration floor plan with modifications, component changes, piping changes etc. Recommend additional modifications that benefit energy improvement, maintenance cost avoidance and system control capability.

Installation -Dedicated crews versed in all necessary aspects of the project execute the door retrofit installation with a well-planned approach that is coordinated with store operations. Installation includes the disposal of existing lighting, modification of piping, valves and components, electrical for new doors, and machine room modifications related to load reduction.

Optimization -Adjustment and fine tuning of the system after door installation and required modifications. Provide QA reporting, documenting the state of the system once complete. Utility coordination with respect to ensuring the system is operating as required for utility incentives.

The Cold Tech Refrigeration team has the training, experience, dedication and resources to ensure your organization receives the most technically advanced services available and realizes the greatest cost savings.



Lighting in grocery stores represents about 13% of the electricity consumption, not including the impact on cooling loads. Lighting retrofits to LED lights can save 30 to 60 percent on lighting energy as well as 10 to 20 percent of cooling energy when compared to traditional, fluorescent lighting.

In addition to energy savings, today's LED lighting plays an important role in creating an inviting shopping experience and increasing sales through better product illumination. Advances in LED lighting technology now offer grocery stores an option to fluorescent lighting that produces better lighting, especially in refrigerated display cases because LED lights perform very well in cold temperatures. In fact, research has shown that customers find LED lighting in freezers to be "brighter, more even, more appealing and more comfortable." Packaging and food colors are brighter and more attractive to shippers. Additionally, LED Tube lights will only need to be replaced once every 10 years reducing maintenance and recycling costs.

Whether part of a new design, a remodel or a Door Retrofit program, the Cold Tech Refrigeration team has the experience to assist you in the selection and installation of LED lighting that is best for your store.

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